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10 Things You Need To Know As a Kettlebell Beginner

Written by Gregory Dzemaili

25. May 2022

Kettlebell can be intimidating for beginners. However, as it is with every skill that is worth learning, it’s all about understanding the basics first to build a solid foundation. Here are 10 things that can help beginners understand and know these basics in under 12 minutes. 

Number 1 – Get a proper Kettlebell (and maybe some good flooring)

If you’re not working with the proper tool, you’ll never reach the feeling (and with it the satisfying fun factor) the kettlebell can provide you with. 

Number 2- Choose the right weight

Based on our experience, we recommend Women to start with an 8 kg and Men to start with a 12 kg. Once you have mastered the fundamentals, evergreen weights for females are 12-16 kg and for males 16-24 kg. 

Number 3 – Decide your goal

What are you trying to accomplish? Weight loss? Muscle Building? Improve health? All three types of goals overlap to a certain extend, yet they also require a particular approach.

Number 4 – Learn the most 3 important movement pattern

The 3 most important movement patterns are Hinge, Squat and Full Extension (with your arms).

Number 5 – Learn the 5 basic exercises

The 5 basic kettlebell exercises are Deadlift, Double Handed Press, Single Hand Press, Goblet Squat and the H2H Swing.

Number 6 – Understand 3 Breathing pattners

We’ve identified 3 types of movement patterns our clients use in our training: Natural, Valsalva and Cocaine Breathing (which is some form of Power Breathing).

Number 7 – Learn how to program

Programming depends first of all on your goal. Once you have established your goal, we recommend following a minimalist approach that doesn’t require a lot of brain power to increase consistency. 

Number 8 – Build sustainable frequency

Building a sustainable frequency is the most fundamental part of being successful with kettlebell training in general. Dan John considers two important keys to success: First, start doing – Second, keep going. Most people unfortunately don’t keep going. 

Number 9 – Focus on the fundamentals first

Kettlebell Juggling, the Jerk, the Snatch, Long Cycle etc. are all the “shiny” objects of kettlebell training. They look cool, are incredible fun and can yield powerful results. However, before tackling the shiny objects, we want focus on the fundamentals first. 

Number 10 – Get Coaching

If kettlebell training is becoming your next big thing (or your first), then consider hiring a coach that can help you master the fundamentals. It will save you time, effort and money. 

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