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10 Things You Need To Know As a Kettlebell Beginner

10 Things You Need To Know As a Kettlebell Beginner

Kettlebell can be intimidating for beginners. However, as it is with every skill that is worth learning, it’s all about understanding the basics first to build a solid foundation. Here are 10 things that can help beginners understand and know these basics in under 12 minutes.


90 Gains Of Kettlebells is an online kettlebell course for Men over 30 who want to build functional and aesthetic muscle in 12 weeks – without having to spend hours at the gym.


The Hybrid Style Master Class is a 10-week, practice-based online course that will help aspiring coaches & trainers takes their kettlebell skills to an elite level – backed by expert opinion, evidence based practice and thousands of hours of coaching experience


90 Days Of Kettlebells is an online workout course for regular men and women aged 40+ who want to train at home, lose weight & achieve lasting results – without wasting time and money with crash diets & unused gym memberships


The Hybrid Style Master Class Light a practice-based online course for beginners to develop their kettlebell technique – in the comfort of their own home

kettlebell faqs

In general, how many times one should train per week?

It depends on the goal. Most regular people who want to exercise for the health benefits fare well with 2-3 workouts per week.

Why do you guys do that exaggerated lean back before a press?

We create a “Hollow Position” to rest the weight on the hip. This is also referred to as the “Rest Position”. It’s a technique commonly known to use your hip as platform; benefiting from the strongest muscle groups to bring the kettlebell overhead.

Are shear forces in the kettlebell swing rotational or forward/back? Are they even relevant?

Stu’s modelling data is from single arm swings. The shear force is backward, opposite to a deadlift, and described as so “rare” that we don’t know anything about it (and small in magnitude).

He didn’t report any rotational component, although that’s not a force commonly associated with any form of injury that experts are familiar with.

Can I build muscle with kettlebells?

Yes you can! However, not in a way a bodybuilder would with a hypertrophy-focused approach with machines, cables and dummbells.

The muscle you’re able to build with a kettlebell is still noticeable though and its “qualities” are more practical. 

Do you think a woman in her 60s can lose weight and fat and still get a good shape?

Yes; most definitely! 

What are the words you say in the beginning of your videos ? What language is it?

Gregory says “Grüezi Mitenand” which is a formal greeting in Swiss German.

May I ask what brand of Kettlebells you use?

We currently use “Original Russian Kettlebells” from MegaFitness. However, we’re planning to create our own hollow core kettlebells. 

Are kettlebells heavy enough for meaningful deadlifts? Can you compensate for the lighter weight with more volume (Sets and reps)?

There seems to be correlation in using high weights for strength gains as opposed to total working load/ volume. If maximum strength is your goal, the barbell technically suits better then kettlebells.

Can I build cardio/ endurance with kettlebells?

Yes! Most definitely! 

The type of endurance you’re able to build with kettlebell training is a blend that equips you with a lot of carryover into different sports/ daily activities etc. 

How many styles are there?

We believe there are three styles.

Kettlebell Sport. This style is geared towards efficiency and competition. 

Hardstyle. This style incorporates grinding lifts and can be traced back to Pavel Tsatsouline. 

Hybrid. Hybrids are those kettlebell enthusiasts, that both Kettlebell Sport and Hardstyle to their advantage. 


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