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In this video, you will discover our coaching method which has helped more than 16.3 million all around the world.

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We have reached (and helped) over 16.3 Million Over-40s in the last 8 years

Over 16.3 million people have watched our kettlebell content on YouTube in the last 8 years, generating a total of 161.4 million impressions – and counting! We don’t say this to brag but to prove to you that we’re not “armchair” experts who don’t know what they’re talking about.

How Ray was able to outgrow his early kettlebell weights

Ray joined our 6-week kettlebell challenge and quickly outgrew his starting weights. After losing more than 20 pounds after showing signs of early diabetes, he took his workout journey serious and wanted to workout from home. 

Kettlebells offered themselves well and he quickly outgrew his early kettlebell weights after joining the 6-week kettlebell challenge. 

How Ola became more confident as a kettlebell coach

Ola took her kettlebell coaching game to the next level by getting certified with Lebe Stark as a Level 2 kettlebell instructor. She’s now confident, that she can teach kettlebells to her clients more proficiently.

Mahmoud is now ready to teach kettlebells to his MMA clients

Mahmoud recognized the potential for his MMA students and wanted to become a confident, powerful and proficient kettlebell coach. For this reason, he worked with us for over 1 year to earn his Level 2 kettlebell instructor certification.

Mother & daughter enjoy the benefis of working out together

Claudia and Chiara enjoy the experience of powering through an intense kettlebell workout together. Claudia recognizes that since she started kettlebell training, her hip pain has been reduced and sometimes went away completely.

Chiara is aware of the fact that kettlebells have sparked enthusiasm for training, and her performance at her father’s workplace has improved dramatically.

Alex is happy that he found a coaching team that’s taking him and his goals seriously

Alex was never really fond of going to the gym since he felt that people were staring at him on a regular basis. That’s why he opted for personal training with us. Finally taken seriously, he started enjoying kettlebell training so much that he now trains at home regularly.

Even his wife, Bettina, felt his enthusiasm spark and has since picked up kettlebells too!

Heidi never thought, that she would be able to do what does today

Heidi never felt comfortable going to the gym, and when she started kettlebell training, she had no confidence that she would be able to do it.

After many years of working with us, she has reduced her back and hip pain to low levels. And with kettlebell training, she has finally found something that she can enjoy long-term.

Marco “hates” kettlebells – but he works out anyways.

Marco doesn’t really enjoy working out. There are times when he really hates it. But thanks to us, he’s been able to improve his heart condition, lose weight, and is now able to fit back into his military clothes from when he was younger.

As a busy mother, Tanja lost 10 KG (20 lbs) from the comfort of her own home

Tanja recognized the benefits of working out from home as a busy mother of three. She realized that diet crazes and going to the gym every day are not necessary to get in shape.

The kettlebell gave her a reason to stick with her workout program, and thanks to us, she was able to lose over 10 KG.

Nadine lost 30 kg (+60 lbs) and changed her life

Nadine was able to lose 30 kg in 1.5 years and has completely changed her life. When asked about what she likes so much about kettlebell training, she mentioned that she doesn’t care about kettlebells. She cares more about how we were able to help her achieve that goal and that we never stopped believing in her.

Doris wants to invest into her health

Wanting to invest in health rather than sickness was the major reason why Doris picked up kettlebells and joined Lebe Stark. Working in a nursing home, she’s able to witness firsthand what a loss of muscle can do to your body.

Martin got rid of his back pain thanks to kettlebell training

Martin listens to Joe Dispenza on a regular basis and spends a lot of time on his mountain bike. After discovering the potential of kettlebells, he finally got rid of his back pain. The restoration of the elastic capacity of his mid-section worked wonders for his lower back.

Sabrina lost weight, got in shape and found the passion of kettlebell training – in the comfort of her own home

Sabrina is a busy entrepreneur who works up to 13 hours per day. With this schedule, it’s impossible to go to the gym. Working out with kettlebells from home, however, gave her the chance to change her body, lose weight, and ultimately, her life – all from the comfort of her own home.

More performance at the work place for Riccardo – and much more

Riccardo was able to boost his workplace performance, is now able to carry hundreds of pounds of earth for his garden on his own, and enjoys the newfound mental strength he has gained from regular kettlebell training.

Danilo was rather a brain-athlete than a physical one until he found kettlebells

Danilo considers himself a “brain-athlete”. Most of his movement came from moving back and forth between the printer and his chair in the office. He never wanted to go to the gym because he didn’t enjoy the atmosphere. With kettlebell training, however, his physical performance took on new heights.

Astrid is regularly confused with being her daughter’s sister

Astrid was always into fitness. But kettlebell training has taken her strength, body, and physical performance to levels she never dreamed of. After getting coaching from us, she’s now regularly confused with being her daughter’s sister.

Moni experience a low in life when she stopped taking care of her body – and turned it around succesfully

Moni stopped taking care of her body and almost worked herself into depression. After receiving a serious wake-up call, she decided to take her fitness more seriously and changed her complete outlook on life with kettlebell training.

Christel got rid of her knee pain and changed her body in only 6 weeks

Christel is a high performer. With her now deceased husband, she was able to build a thriving business with locations in three countries. Even though she’s been physically active all her life, it was the kettlebell that took care of her knee pain. She also changed her body, lost weight, and turned into a physical powerhouse.

Luciano puts his trust into Lebe Stark since we opened up in 2016

Luciano has been with us since Day 1, and he witnessed firsthand how the kettlebell changed his physique, body, and mental capacity since we switched from regular strength training in 2020.

Roger is a successful businessman who wants to make the most out of his workouts

With over 60 years of age and as a successful businessman, Roger knows how valuable a good return on investment is. That’s exactly what he gets when he picks up the 16 KG (and even the 20 KG!) for a workout with Lebe Stark.





Time is the only asset on this earth that we can never get back.

The older we get, the more important it becomes.

Whether you are self-employed, a team leader in a large organization, in management, or in other demanding business sectors: The hectic office and family life demand that we bring order to a perfect chaos that we encounter every day.

So, the more efficiently we approach our daily activities, the more time we save, which we can ultimately dedicate to the ‘important things in life.’

We become increasingly aware of how carefully we must handle time.

Strength is the natural companion of health – and the perfect counterbalance to our tragic tendency to take everything in life for granted.

We only realize how essential and necessary it is when it is lacking.

There is a fitting proverb in English: ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it.’

The solution lies in the power of the kettlebell.

It is the perfect symbiosis of minimal time investment for maximum strength results, so you can become strong, lean, sexy, and pain-free.

It touches all important aspects of human movement and performance: endurance, strength, mobility, appearance, fun, muscular endurance, flexibility, joint strengthening, and the use of our coordinative abilities.

Let’s consider the following two scenarios:

Best option:

You choose the path of the kettlebell and learn how to become strong, lean, and pain-free in 30 days with just 30 minutes of time investment per week – without leaving your home.

You finally discover something that is fun and delivers results!

Worst option:

You ignore everything you’ve read here and return to the status quo.

If you’ve read this far, I assume that this condition is not acceptable to you.

Sure, you can independently reach your goal through trial and error. However, you must acquire extensive knowledge about kettlebells, fitness, nutrition, and specific prerequisites for fitness over 40.

This time investment, coupled with much frustration, is not feasible for most busy individuals over 40.


If you need help, book your free fitness analysis now – and let’s just discuss your situation together.

What will definitely not help is closing this page and walking away…

– Gregory von Lebe Stark


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