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Kettlebell Secrets – 17 Uncommon Exercises You Have NEVER Heard Of

Written by Gregory Dzemaili

29. April 2022

The kettlebell is know for being a unique tool.

The Swing, Clean & Press and Snatch for example are differentiators.

This means these are the exercises, the kettlebell is made for and where it shines the most.

However, there’s an array of exercises that are uncommmon – yet still very useful.

If you want to build muscle or are looking for some winning varieties, give those exercises a shot.


1. Bottom Up Suitcase Walk

2. Carcass Walk

3. Double Reverse Lunge

4. Clean & Row

5. Goblet Hack Squat

6. Bottom Up Power Snatch

7. Split Squat Press

8. Atomic Push Up

9. Advanced Bell Reach Push Up

10. Sitting Squat Curl

11. Reverse Fly

12. Overhead Situp

13. Stone Lock Clean

14. Zercher Squat

15. Kneeling Thruster

16. Good Morning

17. Kettlebell Twister

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