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Course #1

“Fan Favourites”

Get ready for an incredible kettlebell course featuring 12 of the most popular kettlebell workouts, designed to take you on a transformative 12-week training journey.

The mission is straightforward: to help you achieve fitness success, enjoy the process, and follow a proven workout system that offers a wide range of exercises while remaining true to its core principles.

Course #2

“Hybrid Style Master Class”

Introducing the Hybrid Style Master Class—an accessible online course designed for beginners to enhance their kettlebell technique from the convenience of their own homes.

Unleash your potential as you learn to seamlessly blend the most effective techniques from the world of kettlebell training.

Course #3

“90 Gains Of Kettlebells”

Introducing “90 Gains Of Kettlebells,” the ultimate online kettlebell course designed specifically for men over 40 who aspire to build functional and visually appealing muscle within a 12-week timeframe—without the need for extensive gym sessions.

Course #4

“90 Days Of Kettlebells”

90 Days Of Kettlebells is an online workout course for regular men and women aged 40+ who want to train at home, lose weight & achieve lasting results – without wasting time and money with crash diets & unused gym memberships.

Course #5

“Saved By The Bell” Saved By The Bell is an online kettlebell course for regular people who want to become pain-free through building strength and increasing mobility in all joints – without wasting hours with worthless exercises at the local doctor or physiotherapist.

Course #6

“BOLT” BOLT is the ultimate dumbbell & kettlebell workout course for self sufficient people who want to become fit, strong, lean, powerful and healthy at home – without the hassle of a gym membership.

Course #7

“Never Rest (Ladder Workouts)” Never Rest Ladders – Ladies edition is a 12 week kettlebell course for women 30+ who want to get in shape, become fit, lose weight and build strength with kettlebells – without wasting time & money with a gym membership.

Course #8

“CrossBells” CrossBells is a rep-based concept that is based on the CrossFit WOD mentality with a strong focus on kettlebells. This course is dedicated to self sufficient kettlebell practitioners who are looking for a rep-based kettlebell challenge.

Course #9

“Stranger Swings” “Stranger Swings” is an all-encompassing 30-day kettlebell workout program that aims to elevate your fitness level, enhance your kettlebell proficiency, and increase your mobility.

Course #10

“30 Days Of Kettlebells” 30 DKB is the perfect kettlebell course for beginners to get started with kettlebell training.

Massive Bonus

As a valuable bonus, I’m including Steve Cotter’s 3.5-hour seminar from June 2019!

I recorded the entire 3.5-hour seminar in June 2019, and now you can watch and learn from it, just as I did!

If you were to attend this seminar in a group setting, it would cost around 700 USD. However, in this course bundle, it is included as a bonus – absolutely free!

Experience the added advantage of our exceptional mobile app.

Not only can you conveniently carry your kettlebell, but you can also bring along your essential tools for further education, no matter where you are.

Upon purchasing the bundle, you will be granted exclusive access to our remarkable app, delivered directly to your email.

This incredible resource would typically incur a monthly fee of $99.

However, with the course bundle, access is included absolutely FREE

Massive Value

Course #1: “Fan Favorites” – $147
Course #2: “Hybrid Style Master Class” – $199
Course #3: “90 Gains Of Kettlebells” – $147
Course #4: “Never Rest – Ladder Workouts” – $147
Course #5: “90 Days Of Kettlebells” – $147
Course #6: “Saved By The Bell” – $69
Course #7: “BOLT” – $147
Course #8: “30 Days Of Kettlebells” – $69
Course #9: “Stranger Swings” – $147
Course #10: “CrossBells” – $147

Bonus #1: “Steve Cotter’s private seminar” – $700 USD (group attendance price)
Bonus #2: Everything is delivered to you ad-free!

Total Value: $2,066 

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No-Gain-No-Pay Guarantee

Getting IKFF-Certified from Steve Cotter in June 2019 laid the ground work for what Lebe Stark is today. After investing thousands of hours, reps and sweat, we have realized that a solid foundation is key to individual mastery.

Drawing from the boundless experience from various styles and other kettlebell coaches around the world, we’re able to guarantee you a solidified coaching concept, that has been proven in the fire of expert’s opinions and working with people in real life.

I know for a fact that if you follow the rules – we can’t help but succeed.

So if you dont’ gain*:

– understanding on how to improve your form

– a comprehensive approach to building muscle

..  you’ll get your money back – because if you’re not happy, I’m not happy neither.

*Must have followed ALL recommended workouts at least for 30 days. 

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Steve Cotter

"A man with a vision"

“Gregory is a man with a vision and I'm delighted to see the student become the master.”

Steve Cotter


Dan John


“Gregory does an excellent podcast and I find him encouraging and insightful.”

World Renowned Strength Coach
Dan John


Valery Fedorenko


“I have seen some of Gregory's work; I like his form!”

Honored Master Of Sport Worldclass
Valery Fedorenko


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