Use this new «Kettlebell Code» to build muscle and strength so you can get rid of belly fat and back pain

Brand-new system reveals how to reverse the aging process – without training for hours on end at the gym!

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Dear Over-40s,

Do you want quality fitness, more strength, better health and a lean body?

So you can enjoy your family, job & business for years to come – and look good living your best life?

Is your belly getting in the way, and are you determined to make a change?

Have you lost the mojo you’ve had in your 20s, looking to get it back?

If you’re over 40, these are no simple tasks.

Everybody’s telling you that getting in shape after 40 is almost impossible…

Perhaps you’ve tried it on your own.

You signed up for a gym membership – but only went twice because you don’t like going to the gym anyway.

You’ve tried countless approaches, so many that you’ve lost count.

Your hectic family and business life add another layer of difficulty.

Perhaps you’re grappling with back, hip, or shoulder pain.

Which makes exercise all the more challenging.

And finding the time and motivation for an effective workout seems hopeless.

Time and time again, you feel disappointed and trapped in a vicious cycle.

Only for the New Year’s motivation to reignite the death spiral once more.

In short: You’ve had enough!

The same happened to me… until I took violent action to change.

And now, I look better in my 40s than in my 20s.

However, the journey was far from easy.

Let me share a little story of the day I got certified as a professional kettlebell coach.

It was a beautiful, hot summer day in June 2019.

I was about to face a massive challenge for the first time.

40 Jerk with 40 kg and 100 Snatch with a 20 kg kettlebell.

Nervous yet determined, I faced Steve Cotter’s fitness test head-on.

Chalk dust, sweat, and moisture filled the room of my gym…

I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with air and my heart with determination.

«Ready Gregory? GO!»

Everything went great!

Until the 36th rep, when a momentary loss of balance led Steve to shout «No Count!»

My brain lit up like a Christmas tree while my muscles were close to giving up.

And there it was…

Inner Determination to keep on pushing.

The resolve to never quit.

So I turned the loud noise of failure into iron meditation.

Angie’s motivating screams and Steve’s reminder to focus on “fast legs” ignited a second wind within me.

At last, I managed to reach the 40th rep, suffering bloody cuts and bruises in the process.

Looking back, this challenging yet immensely rewarding experience taught me the value of perseverance and unwavering dedication.


Welcome to the present day.

I have devoted my life to the art of kettlebell training.

Every day, we receive numerous messages from Over-40s who feel attracted to kettlebell training. 

Chances are, you’ve arrived on this page because you recognize the benefits of kettlebells as well. 

And that’s fantastic!

However, kettlebell training presents its own set of challenges compared to conventional exercises like strength machines and cross-trainers.

It requires skill and practice.

Introducing the “Kettlebell Code”

Specifically tailored for Over-40s.

Enter the kettlebell – a powerful and versatile tool that enhances human performance.

It boosts strength, cardiovascular endurance, and remains gentle on joints, making it perfect for those with prior injuries.

Moreover, the kettlebell effectively combats back pain and restores natural body elasticity.

This FREE guide is designed to introduce you to the incredible benefits of kettlebell training.

And turn you into a lean, mean kettlebell machine in only 6 weeks!

Learn to..

1. Hone your kettlebell skills.

2. Develop functional muscle.

3. Enhance your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your heart.

4. Build strength.

5. Relieve back and joint pain.

6. Recover and bounce back stronger, even from severe injuries.

7. Save time with efficient workouts.

8. Accelerate fat loss.

9. Boost overall kettlebell confidence.

10. Achieve peak mental and physical condition.

Does this sound fair enough?

If so, I would be thrilled to invite you to download our “Kettlebell Code” E-Book – for FREE!


Ray’s Kettlebell Journey

Ray joined our 6-week kettlebell challenge and quickly outgrew his starting weights. After losing more than 20 pounds after showing signs of early diabetes, he took his workout journey serious and wanted to workout from home.

Internationally Recognized Experts

Dan John, John Ducane, Brett Jones, Geoff Neupert, Eric “doeskettlebell” Spector, Valery Fedorenko, Arseny Zhernakov, Gregor Sobocan, Michael Son, Sergey Rudnev, Dr. Michael Yessis, Funk Roberts, Prof. Stuart McGill, Steve Cotter, Svetlana Daniliuk and many more have been guests on our «Kettle Knights» Podcast. 

Ola’s Kettlebell Instructor Journey

We certify kettlebell trainers from all around the world according to our «Girevoy Hybrid Style» – a modern interpretation of kettlebell training for everyday people who want to harness its power. 

Ola took her kettlebell coaching game to the next level by getting certified with Lebe Stark as a Level 2 kettlebell instructor.



The Best 4 Kettlebell Exercises, that consistently deliver remarkable results for our clients, just like clockwork. These basics can be done throughout the year and will yield a massive return on investment for your time. 

Our Most Popular Two-Part Workout Protocol, designed for easy memorization and maximum challenge. It challenges your body the right way, fostering strength, fitness, leanness, and cardiovascular improvements.

Discover The Most Common Mistake people make when purchasing a kettlebell. Selecting the wrong size can lead to dissatisfaction and hinder your desired results.

Perfectly Tailored For Over-40s who can‘t waste their time with long workouts in the gym. All you need is a kettlebell – and a reason to change your life, body and mental state.

Get Started Right Away with our detailed instructions accompanied by easy-to-understand descriptions. We provide proper safety guidelines to ensure a safe and effective training experience.

The Most Sensible Approach to kettlebell training; backed by years of research, evidence-based practice and experience with real people in real life.

No busy person over 40 wants to spend hours in a packed gym, sleepwalking like a zombie from one machine to the next and not getting the results they deserve!

This brand-new, free e-book shows you exactly how you can take control of your fitness, longevity, vanity, and health – with only one 30-minute kettlebell workout per week in the next 30 days.


THIS 12-minute kettlebell workout at home beats a boring, 90-minute gym session ANY DAY

Are you getting a gym membership to get in shape? Bad idea! We’ll show you why that’s a HUGE MISTAKE and what to do instead.


The top 3 strategies we have applied to help busy over 40s get in shape

Experience time-efficient gains in pain relief, strength, anti-aging, and rapid fat burning through kettlebell training. These are the advantages we implement daily with our clients, achieving results in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional gym visit.


No, you DON'T have to train for hours to see fantastic results

Nearly everyone aiming for a body transformation makes these common but fatal mistakes. One of them is believing the myth that one has to train for hours and days on end. Find out what they are so you can avoid them!


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These proven and tested kettlebell techniques will turn you into Marvel-Character shape – YEARS faster than you ever thought possible.


The old myths and plain lies spread by the fitness industry

Many people still believe in these old wives’ tales and dirty lies told by the fitness industry – find out what they are so you can protect yourself.


Recently, we achieved the milestone of 100,000 subscribers on our kettlebell YouTube channel, earning the Silver Play Button from YouTube in recognition of this accomplishment.


As a direct protégé of kettlebell legend and IKFF President, Steve Cotter, Gregory quickly took the world of kettlebells by storm.

His successful personal training studio in Romanshorn, Switzerland, has now become a central hub for kettlebell enthusiasts from around the world.

With over seven years of experience as a trainer and more than 15 years as a practitioner of physical culture, Gregory presents “Kettlebell Code” as his absolute secret weapon.

$ 19.90


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