Get Ready For KWODs

Join our next “KWODs” (Ketlebell Workout Of the Day) Challenge. We borrowed the idea from CrossFit’s popular Workout Of the Day mantra – and applied it to kettlebells.

What we do: Complete 7 kettlebell exercises for the next 7 days to lay the foundation for a lasting exercise habit.

How we do it:  You will receive a daily kettlebell exercise for the next 7 days. On the final day, we will string all 7 exercises together into a workout.

Your reward: A feeling of accomplishment, the spark of an exercise habit and a unique discount on two of our bestselling courses that can help you continue the journey of getting in shape with kettlebells.

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Hi! We are Team LS!

Founder Gregory, Personal Trainer Angie and Staffie Gypsy form the backbone of Lebe Stark Personal Training. Our job is to help you make kettlebell training a part of your life.

We also recognize our responsibility towards society.

A healthy lifestyle can relieve the pressure on our healthcare system and reduce losses in the labor market.


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