The New Way To Train With Kettlebells – Here’s How To Do It

Kettlebells are powerful tools that can be used by everybody – and it doesn’t have to be complicated. With the “KWOD” series, I want to help you spark an exercise habit.

However, if want to take a shortcut to success to get in shape, improve your health, build muscle and become lean and strong – I have the perfect offer for you with a sweet deal that you won’t get anywhere else!

We normally use a waiting list for new members to sign up for our courses but you can have access immediately!

However, this offer is only valid as long as the KWOD challenge is running!

– Gregory von Lebe Stark

Course Bundle 80% Off

As a Thank-You for participating in the KWOD challenge, we want to offer you our bestselling courses 90 Days Of Kettlebells bundled together with the Hybrid Style Master Class Light for 80% off!

Both courses are worth 1’144 USD* and we offer you this bundle for only 229 USD. That’s a total of 80% – or 915 USD – off the regular price.

With this course bundle, you can do two things:

1- Follow up with 90 Days Of Kettlebells after the KWOD challenge has finished. You can hit the ground running and build on the habit loop of exercising. “90 DKB” was designed to help regular people lose weight in 12 weeks.

2- Use the Hybrid Style Master Class Light as reference and support wheels to improve your technique, form and execution including 30+ of the most powerful exercises you can do – with single and double kettlebells.

*The original HSMC was priced 997 USD


What You Get For 80% off

Bonuses Worth $619

The course bundle includes monthly live coaching sessions, easy to follow nutrition coaching, our famous kettle knights podcast on the go, additional workout libraries, a bonus month with a fitness test, access to our private Facebook group and a Q&A system built in to our powerful online platform. We’re putting ourselves on the line by saying, that this extensive approach to online kettlebell courses hasn’t been done before.

The perfect solution

Most people struggle with two things when it comes to kettlebell training: a) Following a regular, most-bang-for-your-buck workout schedule and b) easily digestable tutorials to understand form and technique. This bundle serves you the perfect solution to the biggest problems beginners have with kettlebells – knowing what to do and how to do it.

Value worth 1’144 USD for 229 USD

We all get it. Everybody’s always on the lookout for the perfect deal – and this might just be it. The reason why we offer this deal is because you are a valued member of the LS newsletter and you’ve decided to embark on the KWOD challenge with us. Consider this as a token of our appreciation towards you – the lifeblood of what we do! 💙

100% Risk-Free Decision

Most Bang For Your Buck

Getting IKFF-Certified from Steve Cotter in June 2019 laid the ground work for what Lebe Stark is today. After investing thousands of hours, reps and sweat, we have realized that a solid foundation is key to individual mastery.

Drawing from the boundless experience from various styles and other kettlebell coaches around the world, we’re able to guarantee you a solidified coaching concept, that has been proven in the fire of expert’s opinions and working with people in real life. 

That’s why we offer you our 30-30 guaranteeIf you’re not satisfied after 30 minutes or 30 completed lessons, we refund every cent of your hard earned money – no questions asked. 

This course bundle gives you the Most Bang For Your Buck: What you invest in effort, comes back 100-fold in benefits. 

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Steve Cotter

"A man with a vision"

“Gregory is a man with a vision and I'm delighted to see the student become the master.”

Steve Cotter


Dan John


“Gregory does an excellent podcast and I find him encouraging and insightful.”

World Renowned Strength Coach
Dan John


Valery Fedorenko


“I have seen some of Gregory's work; I like his form!”

Honored Master Of Sport Worldclass
Valery Fedorenko


John DuCane

"Podcast conversation"

“I had a great conversation with Gregory on his podcast.”

RKC Founder
John Ducane


Denis Vasilev

"Enjoying the work"

“I enjoy Gregory's content”

11-Time World Champion
Denis Vasilev


Arseny Zhernakov

"Good Talk"

“Gregory is serious and open about Kettlebell Sport!”

Honored Master Of Sport Worldclass
Arseny Zhernakov

Invest into your future self

This powerful bundle can help you transform your body as well as the way you see kettlebells. With a little bit of help from yours truly. 


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