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Here’s How This Helps You

Lebe Stark Plus is an online fitness membership that offers live kettlebell group classes via Zoom.

It’s just like your regular gym membership – minus the hassle of going to the gym and plus the passion of a critically acclaimed team of experts in kettlebell training.

Many people all around the world lack the competent and social element of a kettlebell coach in close proximitiy. Lebe Stark Plus takes care of this problem.

Time to get with kettlebells

Lebe Stark is helping people all over the world build muscle, get in shape and achieve the lean Kettlebell Physique – like Rico & Jim down below.

To achieve this, we use the “Swiss🇨🇭Knife” of modern training tools called Kettlebell. We help you discover its potential, power and massive benefit – without you having to leave your home.

Hi! We Are Lebe Stark

Hello from the Team – that is Gregory (me), Angie & Gypsy and we are dedicated kettlebell coaches and enthusiasts.

Not long ago, we were total kettlebell N00bs; scared of swinging this thing in a serious manner – because everytime we did we were sweating buckets, laying on the floor being quickly out of breath.

You see – Angie and me; we were both working hard in the gym with the typical bodybuilding-split-training-traditional-type-of-style. That is why I kept asking myself: “How does this thing make me feel so unfit?”

Before we got certified by Steve Cotter in 2019, the kettlebell just seemed like a ball-shaped dumbbell. So believe me when I tell you that I wasn’t always the kettlebell expert I strive to be today..

It All Started In February 2019

So I’ve just settled the deal with Steve Cotter to fly him into my studio in Switzerland for private coaching to get certified.

This it It!

The master is coming to visit us and there’s no turning back now!

As I’m researching the fitness tests for both certificates of Steve Cotter’s IKFF, I was approaching the 20 kg kettlebell.

Imagine the shock of my younger Split-Training-Bodybuilding-Type-Me when I found out, that even the 16 kg is giving me a hard time trying to snatch it several times overhead..

Fast Forward To Certification Day In June 2019

As I was getting better with my training and technique, Angie & I finally managed to pull of the CKT1 test.

Yet, the BIG ONE was still in front of me.

40 Jerks..

100 Snatches..

With a 20 kg kettlebell..

A solid Russian BIATHLON..

And I’m still scared wether I’m able to pull it off..

I went in second because Angie passed her test before me.


Time to face the truth!

Let’s go!

Everything was going according to plan..

Until the 36th rep where I briefly lost balance and Steve shouted “no count”.

I went bizerk!

Almost losing faith in making the set..

Steve’s input with “fast legs” and Angie’s motivating screams gave me the second wind to reach the 40th rep.

Fast Forward To Today

Today we’re reaching millions of views on our YouTube channel.

We’re teaching hundreds of clients on a local as well as international level.

Kettlebells offerd many additional benefits of human performance to me – and this includes building quality and practical (functional) muscle. 

I call it the “Kettlebell Physique”.

A body that looks and performs good.

Not bulked up like a bodybuilder since this can be a limiting factor to other aspects of human performance – and it’s not what most I (and probably many other guys over 30) consider an athletic, lean body.

This empowerd feeling I get from being more confident, stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier is hard to describe.

It opened new doors to me – and I know I’m in better shape than I was 10 years ago.

The lessons it took me to reach this epiphany moment is EXACTLY what I want to show you – because passion can be contagious and it will become a burning fire inside you that will keep you going FOREVER!

So if you’d like me to guide you through exactly how to do this, I’d be happy to.

With Lebe Stark Plus, I’m able to serve you the social element of online kettlebell group coaching to help you build a solid workout habit.


– Gregory von Lebe Stark

Here’s How It Works

Live Kettlebell Class

We’re offering an online workout experience, that serves you workouts, tutorials, information and live feedback. Enjoy the much needed aspect that is ingrained into the human DNA: the social element in today’s digital world.

On-Demand Workouts

Every live workout is recorded and shared inside your Lebe Stark Plus dashboard. If a live class doesn’t take place in case of vacation or an emergency, you’ll be prompted to do a specific on-demand workout. 

Build a Workout-Habit

Joining a weekly class with a positive “pressure” to sign up empowers you to build a workout habit. This is the secret of sustainable fat loss and getting into shape without falling off the bandwagon.

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“I have seen some of Gregory's work; I like his form!”

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