Pay one time, get lifetime access and save $5,763 in the process

Hundreds of follow-along workouts, skill tutorials, weekly new content and access to the Kettlebell Dojo – for 91% off the original price

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How Ray was able to outgrow his early kettlebell weights

Ray joined our 6-week kettlebell challenge and quickly outgrew his starting weights.

After losing more than 20 pounds after showing signs of early diabetes, he took his workout journey serious and wanted to workout from home.

We’re internationally recognized among kettlebell professionals

Dan John, John Ducane, Brett Jones, Geoff Neupert, Eric “doeskettlebell” Spector, Valery Fedorenko, Arseny Zhernakov, Gregor Sobocan, Michael Son, Sergey Rudnev, Dr. Michael Yessis, Funk Roberts, Prof. Stuart McGill, Steve Cotter, Svetlana Daniliuk and many more have been guests on our «Kettle Knights» Podcast. 

We’re building the #1 kettlebell communitiy on Skool

Over 100 members have already benefited from the Kettlebell Dojo. Our mission is to empower individuals over 40, like you, to conquer belly fat and back pain with the kettlebell.

Think of this community as your personal trainer, providing support and accountability as you work towards your goals.

Bonus #1 – Steve Cotter Seminar

(VALUE $799)

As a powerful bonus, I’ll throw in Steve Cotter’s 3.5-hour seminar he had with us in June 2019!

This was and still is one of the biggest kettlebell learning experiences I’ve ever had.

If you would attend this seminar in a group setting, your investment would be around $700.

If you sign up today, you’ll get it as a bonus – FOR FREE!

Uber-Bonus #2 – Kettlebell Dojo

(VALUE $2,497)

You’re cordially invited to join the global “Kettlebell Dojo,” the #1 kettlebell community on Skool.

The Kettlebell Dojo comes complete with its exclusive course system, exercises, belt tests, leaderboards, and challenges – all aimed at achieving your ultimate goal of becoming a kettlebell black belt.

Typically available only through monthly subscriptions, you’ll get lifetime access.

The Kettlebell Dojo incorporates a martial arts-inspired belt system.

Start your journey as a White Belt and work your way up by passing belt tests to elevate your rank.

You can find the test details and requirements in the exclusive “classroom” section of the dojo, where you’ll also discover bonus content, weekly challenges, motivation, and much more!

The leaderboard system introduces a dynamic gamification element to your kettlebell journey.

Earn points whenever your posts, comments, or replies receive likes.

Each like equals one point, and the accumulation of points determines your rank.

As you ascend in rank, unlocking the next belt brings forth a new test to conquer.

Bonus #3 – Facebook Group


The next bonus is access to our powerful Facebook group, the “Kettlebell Hive Mind,” where like-minded individuals passionate about kettlebell training gather.

We embrace a non-dogmatic approach and have cultivated a helpful and supportive community.

Here’s a helpful tip: After your workout, snap a picture of your kettlebell weight and share it in the group.

Many of our subscribers find this a great way to stay accountable.

Bonus #4 – Weekly new workouts

(VALUE $997)

Every Monday, we unveil a fresh workout in the “Iron Flow” course called Workout Of The Week.

This workout, exclusively tailored for our clients, is packed with a powerful punch.

As for pricing, we can’t even slap a tag on this course because it’s ongoing indefinitely.

Bonus #5 – Mobile App

(VALUE $247/month)

Upon registration, you’ll promptly gain access to the mobile apps for your courses and the Kettlebell Dojo. This ensures you can easily continue your kettlebell journey no matter where you are.

The Kettlebell Dojo app’s engaging features will motivate you, keep you connected, and encourage regular kettlebell use.

I guarantee 100% that our programs will impress you, or I will refund every cent without questions in the next 30 days.

The kettlebell literally saved my business before the 2020 pandemic – and my confidence in the abilities of this powerful cannonball with a handle has soared to dizzying heights.

It has worked for thousands of people worldwide and will work for you too.

Find me another coach who stands so strongly behind their product.

Use our knowledge to eliminate weaknesses like a rainforest fire, elevate your kettlebell skills to the next level, and achieve your body transformation.

And all of this completely risk-free.


Is it really a one-time payment?

Yes, it is! No strings attached! If you choose the 12 monthly payments, your obligation is fulfilled after 12 months.

I’m a beginner. Is this for me?

Yes! We have specialized in helping beginners get started with kettlebell training.

How long do I have access?

Access is lifelong after purchase. (Or, until AI destroys the internet and we’re recruited as freedom fighters… 🙂)

How do I get weekly new workouts?

Every Monday we release a new weekly workout in the «Iron Flow» course. Exclusively available in the Kettlebell Plus membership.

What if I don’t like it after purchase?

Simply write an email within 30 days of your purchase date and you’ll get your money back – no questions asked. 

When will this sale end?

Usually within 3 days. Please refer to the timer at the top of this page.

How much does it cost and how much do I have to pay?

Normally, the bundle costs $6,342. Our sale offers you a discount of over 90%, so you only pay $579 with a one-time payment or $57.90 in 12 monthly installments.

If I choose the payment plan, can I cancel it?

Canceling your 12 monthly payments will prevent any future payments, and you will lose access to any paid features immediately.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is! Our course software (and app) is easy to use and comes equipped with video-tutorials.

Can I upgrade my existing membership?

Yes! Cancel your existing membership in your dashboard under “My Account” -> “Billing” before you purchase the lifetime deal.

Are the course DVDs mailed to my home?

No! Everything is delivered to you in video format through our online software. After purchase, you will receive immediate access to the online course library.

I can’t join yet. Will this sale return?

Yes, probably! However, we can almost guarantee that prices will increase the longer you wait.


As protégés of kettlebell legend and IKFF President, Steve Cotter, Gregory & Angie quickly took the world of kettlebells by storm.

Their successful personal training studio in Romanshorn, Switzerland, has now become a central hub for kettlebell enthusiasts from around the world.

Thanks to the global network of experts, athletes, trainers, and living legends, Lebe Stark is now internationally recognized, especially when it comes to the Russian kettlebell that covers the most important physical qualities in just one workout.

In conclusion…

I want you to make an informed decision.

So take your time to consider if this package is right for you.

If yes, then commit to it wholeheartedly!

If not, that’s okay too!

Remember: If you’re not satisfied, neither am I.

If that’s the case, email us within 30 days and you’ll get your money back.

We only want to keep your money if you’re truly satisfied.

Finally, consider these two scenarios:

Best scenario

You make progress with your training and stay in shape forever!

Worst scenario

You see no changes after 30 days of training, get your money back, and at least you tried.

The only thing that definitely won’t help you is closing this page and walking away…


– Gregory from Lebe Stark


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