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Save $2’000+ And Get 15 Months Filled With Kettlebell Workouts + Live Coaching For 88% Off – Here’s How It Works

Kettlebells are powerful tools that can deliver GREAT results – and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Yet, you might actually run into problems if you’re not experienced enough.

Maybe you’re already stuck – and you’re looking for a way out because there’s something about this canon-ball shaped object that looks promising; even though it’s a little bit daunting at first.

Perhaps that is the also the reason you found Lebe Stark and decided to opt in with one of our free guides or courses?

I’m able to give you a shortcut to success that saves time – and delivers a tried and tested solution to your typical kettlebell problems such as the ones listed below:

  • Sensitive and rainbow-colored forearms from trying to learn the Clean.
  • Lower back pain from improper technique in the Swing.
  • Chaffed-off palm skin from doing the Snatch.
  • Confused trying to grasp the concept between the different kettlebell styles.
  • Mobility and flexibility issues that stall progression.
  • Not knowing how to build a solid workout protocol and how to progress it.
  • Never really getting comfortable or feeling confident with the kettlebell.
  • Failing to build muscle with kettlebells
  • Failing to lose weight with kettlebells
  • Missing out on the important phases and “secrets” only professionals have been exposed to.

This might sound a bit weird since it’s a big promise.. but I can back it up.

So let’s get you unstuck with a system that doesn’t suck!

This kettlebell course bundle is capable of supplying you with easy and done for you follow-along workouts and tutorial videos – for the next 12 months.

It has the potential to:

a) improve confidence with kettlebell form
b) build practical muscle
c) improve your cardio
d) make you stronger
e) get rid of back/ joint pain
f) save time
g) boost your fat loss

You let me do the heavy lifting by showing you how and what to do – while you do the heavy lifting with kettlebells.

So if your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, improve form and discover the TRUE way of kettlebell training all in the comfort of your own home – then pay attention to what you are about to discover:

A Simple Way To Build Muscle, Get In Shape, Improve Form And Achieve The Lean Kettlebell Physique – Without Injuring Yourself Or Wasting Time & Money At The Gym.


– Gregory von Lebe Stark

Enroll Now Value: $2'360 USD

Time to get with kettlebells

Lebe Stark is helping people all over the world build muscle, get in shape and achieve the lean Kettlebell Physique – like Rico, Moni & Jim down below.

To achieve this, we use the “Swiss🇨🇭Knife” of modern training tools called Kettlebell. We help you discover its potential, power and massive benefit – without you having to leave your home.

Hi! We Are Lebe Stark

Hello from the Team – that is Gregory (me), Angie & Gypsy and we are dedicated kettlebell coaches and enthusiasts.

Not long ago, we were total kettlebell N00bs; scared of swinging this thing in a serious manner – because everytime we did we were sweating buckets, laying on the floor being quickly out of breath.

Before we got certified by Steve Cotter in 2019, the kettlebell just seemed like a ball-shaped dumbbell. So believe me when I tell you that I wasn’t always the kettlebell expert I strive to be today.

Here’s my attempt to help you achieve the same epiphany moment I’ve had in 2019 – and help you get in the shape of your life for the rest of your life!

– Gregory von Lebe Stark 

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting

This kettlebell course bundle is packed with simple, popular and effective kettlebell workouts, tutorials and thorough programming so you’ll know exactly what to do to get in shape AND increasing confidence with your kettlebell at the same time!

You’ll essentially get a 1 year supply of kettlebell workouts and protocols.

Course #1 

“Fan Favourites”

This kettlebell course comes packed with 12 powerful workouts that will lead you through 12 powerful weeks of training.

The mission is simple: Help you get in shape, have fun and use a tried and tested workout system, that uses a lot of variety while staying true to its core.

This course serves you the proper amount of variety forged in years of experience with coaching people in real life.

We’re convinced that you will instantly LOVE these workouts out of a simple and yet powerful reason:

Hundred thousands of views and likes from thousands of people all around the world can’t be wrong! You’ll do workouts that are already enjoyed by a global audience.

Course #2

“Hybrid Style Master Class (Light)”

This course is packed with detailed tutorials in video format so you’ll know exactly what to do to achieve proper kettlebell form.

Lots of people who appear to understand kettlebells train 4-5 times per week. The good news is you don’t have to do that. You just have to understand the underlying basics that guide each of the 20+ most bang for your buck exercise, that you will learn in this course.

Remember:  you’ll stop wasting time with “bad form” which can ultimately speed up your progress with your kettlebell training and workouts.

You’ll avoid all types of problems that come with bad technique: missing out on the most fun exercises with kettlebells, not feeling confident in your training and worst case – getting injured or hurting yourself along the way!

The Hybrid Style Master Class takes care of unnecessary “busy work”; bypassing it all-together to give you the best kettlebell technique experience you’ve ever had with kettlebells.

Course #3

“90 Gains Of Kettlebells”

Lots of people who appear to be in good shape seem to spend hours in the gym. The good news is you don’t have to do that. Most workouts of 90 Gains Of Kettlebells clock in at about 30 minutes per session!

Remember: you’ll stop wasting time sitting in traffic to go to them gym! This time can now be better spent with your training.

This course offers you a detailed, periodized approach that is backed up by cutting edge science curated by leading exercise scientist and “Hypertrophy Doc”Dr. Brad Schoenfeld. 

The program has been carefully crafted to combine the differentiating nature of kettlebell training with a periodization model that follows all necessary guidelines to maximize hypertrophy. 

You’ll avoid all types of problems that come with going to the gym: being stuck in traffic, costly memberships, global pandemics or waiting lines for your favourite training equipment.

90 GKB takes care of this type of “busy work”; bypassing it alltogether to give you the best muslce building experience you’ve ever had with kettlebells.

Finally, it respects that it’s fitness in the context of life – not the other way around!

Course #4

“Never Rest Ladders”

Never Rest Ladders – Ladies edition is a 12 week kettlebell course for women 30+ who want to get in shape, become fit, lose weight and build strength with kettlebells – without wasting time & money with a gym membership.

You’ll use our „latter workout system“ to get the most bang for your buck while getting a welcomed variation from our traditional workout system.

We only train twice per week. The first workout of the week is a ladder (mountain) and the last workout of the week is a mobility/ stretching session. 

Once  again, we respect that it’s fitness in the context of life – not the other way around!

Course #5

“90 Days Of Kettlebells”

90 Days Of Kettlebells helps you to bypass the difficult learning curve (and frustration) to lose weight by showing you a true, tried and  proven, step-by-step formula.

With 90 Days Of Kettlebells, you will experience a solid kettlebell workout program that builds on 3 holistic principles of coaching. 

– Workouts

– Eating Habits

– Live Coaching

This is our bestselling kettlebell course that combines an easy to follow workout schedule with a tested and tried nutrition coaching system.

Course #6

“Saved By The Bell”

Saved By The Bell is an online kettlebell course for regular people who want to become pain-free through building strength and increasing mobility in all joints – without wasting hours with worthless exercises at the local doctor or physiotherapist.

This course is a systematic approach to get rid of back pain in the next 30 days – without the hassle of trying to figure it out by yourself.

Course #7


BOLT is the ultimate dumbbell & kettlebell workout course for self sufficient people who want to become fit, strong, lean, powerful and healthy at home – without the hassle of a gym membership.

Combine the muscle building abilities of the dumbbell with the fat burning potential of the kettlebell in 12 weeks to get into the shape of your life. 

Enroll Now Value: $2'360 USD

Massive Bonuses

Bonus #1 – FULL Seminar with Steve Cotter

As a powerful bonus, I’ll throw in Steve Cotter’s 3.5 hour seminar he had with us in June 2019!

This was and still is one of the biggest kettlebell learning experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

I can’t stress enough how much Steve Cotters coaching has influenced my teachings. 

Matter of fact, his philosophies are the building blocks of many of our courses – and I consider him one of the first ever “Hybrids”. 

In June 2019, I’ve recorded the whole 3.5 hour seminar with him and you’ll be able to watch and learn from it – just like I have! 

It will not only save you time and money but also grant you immediate insights from the master himself! Valuable lessons that have completed transformed the way I look at kettlebells.

If you would attend this seminar in a group setting, your investment would be at around 700 USD.

In this course, you’ll get it as a bonus – FOR FREE! 

Bonus #2 – FREE Monthly Coaching

If you enroll today, I’ll throw another powerful bonus at you: FREE monthly coaching with Team Lebe Stark.

We call it the School Of Physical Culture”.

The School Of Physical Culture is a monthly live coaching session via Zoom that is offered to you as a bonus every month as a Thank you for being a valued member of Lebe Stark!

The lessons will support you along in your journey help you transform the way you move with the kettlebell.

Massive Value

  • Course #1 „Fan Favourites“ (Brand-New!) – $147 USD
  • Course #2 „Hybrid Style Master Class“ – $199 USD
  • Course #3 „90 Gains Of Kettlebells“ – $147 USD
  • Course #4 „Never Rest – Ladder Workouts“ (Brand-New!) – $147 USD
  • Course #5 „90 Days Of Kettlebells“ – $147 USD
  • Course #6 „Saved By The Bell“ – $69 USD
  • Course #7 „BOLT“ – $147 USD
  • Course #8 „30 Days Of Kettlebells“ – $69 USD
  • BONUS „Steve Cotter’s private seminar“ – $700 USD (if attended in a group setting in person)
  • BONUS #2 „Free Monthly Live Workouts – ALL YEAR!“ – $588 USD ($49 USD/ session)
  • BONUS #3 Bonus Workouts & Kettle Knights Podcast – All ad free!
  • TOTAL VALUE = $2’360 USD

If you sign up now, you’ll save $2’000+ USD and get this course bundle for 88% off!

CAUTION: Available for a limited time only!

Save Big Time

No-Gain-No-Pay Guarantee

Getting IKFF-Certified from Steve Cotter in June 2019 laid the ground work for what Lebe Stark is today. After investing thousands of hours, reps and sweat, we have realized that a solid foundation is key to individual mastery.

Drawing from the boundless experience from various styles and other kettlebell coaches around the world, we’re able to guarantee you a solidified coaching concept, that has been proven in the fire of expert’s opinions and working with people in real life.

I know for a fact that if you follow the rules – we can’t help but succeed.

So if you dont’ gain*:

– understanding on how to improve your form

– a comprehensive approach to building muscle

..  you’ll get your money back – because if you’re not happy, I’m not happy neither.

*Must have followed ALL recommended workouts at least for 30 days. 

Collaborated with, and Recommended by


Steve Cotter

"A man with a vision"

“Gregory is a man with a vision and I'm delighted to see the student become the master.”

Steve Cotter


Dan John


“Gregory does an excellent podcast and I find him encouraging and insightful.”

World Renowned Strength Coach
Dan John


Valery Fedorenko


“I have seen some of Gregory's work; I like his form!”

Honored Master Of Sport Worldclass
Valery Fedorenko


John DuCane

"Podcast conversation"

“I had a great conversation with Gregory on his podcast.”

RKC Founder
John Ducane


Denis Vasilev

"Enjoying the work"

“I enjoy Gregory's content”

11-Time World Champion
Denis Vasilev


Arseny Zhernakov

"Good Talk"

“Gregory is serious and open about Kettlebell Sport!”

Honored Master Of Sport Worldclass
Arseny Zhernakov

On a final note..

I‘m not asking you to say Yes or No today.

I just want you to make a fully informed decision and that’s something you do on the inside –  not on the outside.

So you go on the inside and find out wether this bundle is worth your investment.

If it is, that‘s when you decide to keep it because you are 100% committed!

If it‘s not for you – no hard feelings!

Just know that for whatever reason –  after 30 minutes or after 30 completed lessons you ain‘t happy, I ain‘t happy!

Just say so and you will get your money back and keep the bonus you’ve already received as a parting gift.

I only want to keep your money if you‘re happy with what we delivered to you.

So on a final note, consider these two scenarios:

Best case

You’re crushing it with your kettlebell journey – and you’re in the best shape of your life for the rest of your life!

Worst case

You don’t see any significant change in your body structure after investing 30 days of work into the course, you’ll get your money back and well.. at least you’ve tried.. And maybe.. You’re walking away with a little bit of something you’ve probably learned along the way.

The only thing GUARANTEED not to help you at all is closing this page and walking away..


– Gregory from Lebe Stark


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