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Dear busy Over-40s,

If you’ve been considering improving your fitness but can’t seem to find the time, you’re not alone.

Balancing a hectic business and family life in today’s day and age, while trying to take care of your fitness, mind, and body is harder than ever before.

Perhaps you’ve recently experienced the Enough is Enough! moment and are no longer satisfied with the way your body looks.

It’s time to get rid of excess fat around the stomach, legs, and buttocks.

You’ve tried countless things that didn’t work out.

Adding to your frustration is the fact, that everyone on the internet says something different.

You’ve even thought about going under the knife.

I know how you feel!

Because a few years ago, I was in the same situation… until I took violent action to change.

Maybe, the only form of exercise is “Brain Jogging”… your level of physical activity is moving back and forth between the PC and the printer.

You’ve worked tirelessly… without breaks and periods of rest.

Until your body sent you some serious warning signals; maybe in the form of a racing heart.

This forced your whole world to come to a screeching halt.

Yet and still…

Fitness was never really your passion.

And you need a coach who guides you empathetically through the ups and downs.

Often, you express your frustration with the conventional gym membership model…

And neglecting your fitness is becoming more noticeable as you become older

More pain here, less strength there – and your favorite jeans suddenly don’t fit anymore…

Our clients Moni & Jim know exactly what you’re talking about.

On the other hand,  you’re already engaging in cardiovascular exercise with your bike.

Enthusiastically, you listen to lectures from motivational speakers like Joe Dispenza or Tony Robbins.

You’re not only the head of your family but also of your business.

Both have a tight grip on you — just like your back and joint pains, which, despite physiotherapy and massage, just don’t seem to improve.

To improve your strength, you’ve signed up for the gym because you believe it’s the only way to become strong, lean, and pain-free.

Heck, everybody is doing this, right?

Unfortunately, your gym membership faces the same fate as years before.

After 2 weeks, you lose interest because it’s time-consuming and boring.

Once again, you become a “sponsor” instead of an active member.

And even though you occasionally entertain the thought of being active…

Your enthusiasm for fitness is slowly fading away.

Yes, part of it can be attributed to the inner couch potato.

However, the problem is not YOU.

The problem lies in the offering itself.

No one over 40, busy, and/or being a business owner can afford to spend hours in the gym; being bored to death on a lousy treadmill.

The reality is that it’s not necessary at all!

There’s a more effective way to become strong, lean, and pain-free.

A method that ultimately brings you joy.

Because the best workout in the world is useless if you don’t enjoy it.

Ray has discovered this method for himself – and doesn’t even have to leave his home for it!

With only 30 minutes of training per week, you can lose 12 pounds in 40 days, finally eliminate back and joint pain, and regain the strength from your youth.

It’s the ideal recipe for reversing the aging process.

That’s exactly our daily approach.

We rely on a unique training method that delivers results at lightning speed and that you can easily implement at home.

In 2020, when we directed our efforts towards unlocking the potential of the kettlebell, we were laughed at.

And the fitness industry was in disarray due to Covid restrictions.

Despite the laughter and the pandemic’s chaotic noise, we persevered.

And we discovered a potent, somewhat concealed potential that transforms Over-40s into lean, mean kettlebell machines – despite being short on time.

Our client Silvio wholeheartedly embraced this potential.

That’s why we were able to help him achieve this unbelievable results in only 6 months.

I want to share with you the fastest, easiest, and safest way for busy or self-employed individuals over 40 to get in the best shape of their lives in 40 days.

So you can finally become strong, lean, and pain-free – without having to leave your home.

If you want to learn more about our new “Kettlebell Crucible” secure your 30-minute free fitness analysis now.

But you should know that our spots are limited.

This message is being seen and read by hundreds, even thousands of people.

So grab an available spot while our reserves still allow it.

Nobody over 40 wants to spend hours in a packed gym; sleepwalking like a Zombie from one machine to the other!

We’ll show how you can take control of your fitness, longevity, vanity and health – with only one 30-minute kettlebell workout per week in the next 30 days:


THIS 12-minute kettlebell workout at home beats a boring, 90-minute gym session ANY DAY

Are you getting a gym membership to get in shape? Bad idea! We’ll show you why that’s a HUGE MISTAKE and what to do instead.


The top 3 strategies we have applied to help busy over 40s get in shape

Experience time-efficient gains in pain relief, strength, anti-aging, and rapid fat burning through kettlebell training. These are the advantages we implement daily with our clients, achieving results in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional gym visit.


The devastating fitness-mistakes that almost all Men & Women over 40 make

Nearly everyone aiming for a body transformation makes these common but fatal mistakes—find out what they are so you can avoid them!


3 simple tips on how to get fit and lose fat around the belly, legs, and buttocks - and it's NOT the Treadmill

These proven and tested kettlebell techniques will turn you into Marvel-Character shape – YEARS faster than you ever thought possible.


The old myths and plain lies spread by the fitness industry

Many people still believe in these old wives’ tales and dirty lies told by the fitness industry – find out what they are so you can protect yourself.


Time is the only asset on this earth that we can never get back.

The older we get, the more important it becomes.

Whether you are self-employed, a team leader in a large organization, in management, or in other demanding business sectors: The hectic office and family life demand that we bring order to a perfect chaos that we encounter every day.

So, the more efficiently we approach our daily activities, the more time we save, which we can ultimately dedicate to the ‘important things in life.’

We become increasingly aware of how carefully we must handle time.

Strength is the natural companion of health – and the perfect counterbalance to our tragic tendency to take everything in life for granted.

We only realize how essential and necessary it is when it is lacking.

There is a fitting proverb in English: ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it.’

In German: Wenn wir es nicht gebrauchen, verlieren wir es.

The solution lies in the power of the kettlebell.

It is the perfect symbiosis of minimal time investment for maximum strength results, so you can become strong, lean, sexy, and pain-free.

It touches all important aspects of human movement and performance: endurance, strength, mobility, appearance, fun, muscular endurance, flexibility, joint strengthening, and the use of our coordinative abilities.

Let’s consider the following two scenarios:

Best option:

You choose the path of the kettlebell and learn how to become strong, lean, and pain-free in 30 days with just 30 minutes of time investment per week – without leaving your home.

You finally discover something that is fun and delivers results!

Worst option:

You ignore everything you’ve read here and return to the status quo.

If you’ve read this far, I assume that this condition is not acceptable to you.

Sure, you can independently reach your goal through trial and error. However, you must acquire extensive knowledge about kettlebells, fitness, nutrition, and specific prerequisites for fitness over 40.

This time investment, coupled with much frustration, is not feasible for most busy individuals over 40.


If you need help, book your free fitness analysis now – and let’s just discuss your situation together.

What will definitely not help is closing this page and walking away…

– Gregory von Lebe Stark


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