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Master the art of the Kettlebell Hybrid Style and combine it with the educational science, to deliver your clients the true experience of kettlebell training – become Lebe Stark Certified (LSC).

This kettlebell edudcation is a 12-month mentorship and is unmatched in its extensive approach; teaching you not only kettlebell exercises but also testing your skills on a pedagogical level. We don’t want you to just master the movement. We want you to be confident in how to teach it.

After this edcuation, you will stand out from your peers through groundbreaking knowledge with one of the most powerful training tools available.

Take a bird’s eye view on all the major factors that seamlessly play together to serve your clients an unmatched coaching experience.

Skill up your own level of kettlebell training and live through a vast, eye-opening experience. You will learn from thousands of hours of coaching people in real life as well as the wealth of the greatest minds in the kettlebell world today.

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Steve Cotter

"A man with a vision"

“Gregory is a man with a vision and I'm delighted to see the student become the master.”

Steve Cotter


Dan John


“Gregory does an excellent podcast and I find him encouraging and insightful.”

World Renowned Strength Coach
Dan John


Valery Fedorenko


“I have seen some of Gregory's work; I like his form!”

Honored Master Of Sport Worldclass
Valery Fedorenko


Denis Vasilev

"Enjoying the work"

“I enjoy Gregory's content”

11-Time World Champion
Denis Vasilev


John DuCane

"Podcast conversation"

“I had a great conversation with Gregory on his podcast.”

RKC Founder
John Ducane


Arseny Zhernakov

"Good Talk"

“Gregory is serious and open about Kettlebell Sport!”

Honored Master Of Sport Worldclass
Arseny Zhernakov

What You Will Learn

You will have an ultimate understanding of how kinesiology, breathing styles, kettlebell styles, physics, exercise technique, human movement patterns and programming relates to the kettlebell. This will build your theoretical foundation to safely engage in kettlebell training alone as well as with your clients; seeing it in the context of understanding the why behind it.

Powered by a vast amount of detailed tutorials, you will grasp each individual concept of the 30 most powerful kettlebell exercises that you can do – with one and double kettlebells. Thanks to your theoretical foundation and 20+ one-on-one sessions with Gregory, you can connect the dots and discover practical feedback and information that’s impossible to decipher if it hasn’t been taught to you.

You will walk away with the “LSC – Lebe Stark Certified” title empowered and confident to program kettlebell workouts on your own as well as for your clients – with a technique that follows all the rules from the playbook. Independently and self sufficient, you’re finally comfortable and secure in planning your own routines – backed by evidence-based knowledge from international experts.

Our promise

We want you to share our experience

Getting IKFF-Certified from Steve Cotter in June 2019 laid the ground work for what Lebe Stark is today. After investing thousands of hours, reps and sweat, we have realized that a solid foundation is key to individual mastery.

Drawing from the boundless experience from various styles and other kettlebell coaches around the world, we’re able to guarantee you a solidified coaching concept, that has been proven in the fire of expert’s opinions and working with people in real life. 

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