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Take control of your with the help of Lebe Stark

With a meteoric rise in popularity among experts and enthusiasts alike, Lebe Stark now belongs to the global elite in kettlebell training.

The kettlebell is the “Swiss🇨🇭Knife” of modern training tools. We help you discover its potential, power and massive benefit – without you having to leave your home.

What is your goal?

Secret Weapon

Kettlebells are jacks-of-all-trades with a rich history that began as spherical weights used in marketplaces.

At the end of the 19th century, physical culturists and strength athletes discovered kettlebells (then called “ring weights”) as a powerful training object.

Build Muscle

From a scientific point of view, kettlebells promote muscle building.

Burn Fat

The increased calorie burn accelerates weight loss.

Save your heart

Kettlebell training strengthens the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

Save Time

Kettlebell workouts are simple and don't have to last longer than 15 minutes.

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Founder Gregory, Personal Trainer Angie and Staffie Gypsy form the backbone of Lebe Stark Personal Training. Our job is to help you make kettlebell training a part of your life.

We also recognize our responsibility towards society.

A healthy lifestyle can relieve the pressure on our healthcare system and reduce losses in the labor market.

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