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With a meteoric rise in popularity among experts and enthusiasts alike, Lebe Stark now belongs to the global elite in kettlebell training. We use our experience and knowledge to help men and women aged 40+ from all over the world take control of their health, fitness, performance, longevity and vanity.

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Our Coaching

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight long term, train regularly or improve your kettlebell technique; we are your partner and coach. We use the kettlebell and easy-to-understand nutrition coaching as tools to build long-term fitness habits that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The Russian Kettlebell

The Russian kettlebell is a bell shaped weight with a special handle and a history of over 300 years. Muscle building, endurance, coordination, fat loss, simplicity and your fitness studio at home are some of the benefits the kettlebell provides. We will guide you on how to handle the kettlebell carefully, efficiently and safely.

Proven Methods

We’re offering you two types of services that thrive on methods that have proven to be successful: Personal Training (In-Studio or Online) or Online Kettlebell Courses.

Personal Training

From our homebase in Switzerland, down to Australia to the USA: We’re helping clients all over the world take their kettlebell game to the next level. Either In-Studio or via state-of-the-art online coaching via Zoom.

Online Kettlebell Courses

The Lebe Stark Academy is our flagship when it comes to online technqiue and workout courses. Backed by 600+ members and students from around the world, we can help you take charge of your kettlebell and fitness goals – at your own pace.


Download our FREE Workout Formula we’ve successfully been using with our clients and on YouTube, so you can get started with an easy (and reliable) kettlebell workout right away!


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