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From Coach Gregory’s Desk

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Dear friends Over 40,

I’m Gregory, and I’m here to share my passion for kettlebell training with you.

Although I was once a novice in the world of kettlebells, I’ve invested the time and effort to become an expert.

In the past, my focus was primarily on traditional bodybuilding-style training at the gym.

But something was missing.

Next to my nagging back pain that didn’t go away even though I heavily engaged into my gym workouts… 

I felt unfit… and wondered why kettlebell training had such a different impact on my fitness.

So something had to change!

It was in 2019 when I became certified by Steve Cotter that I truly discovered the power of kettlebell training.

However, the journey was far from easy.

Fast forward to the certification day in June 2019—a personal experience I will never forget.

I was about to face a massive challenge for the first time.

40 Jerk with double 20 kg and 100 Snatch with a 20 kg kettlebell.

Nervous yet determined, I faced the test for Steve’s IKFF CKT2 head-on.

Everything went smoothly until the 36th rep, when a momentary loss of balance led Steve to shout “No Count!”

I felt like giving up…

But Angie’s motivating screams and Steve’s reminder to focus on “fast legs” ignited a second wind within me.

At last, I managed to reach the 40th rep, suffering bloody cuts and bruises in the process.

Looking back, this challenging yet immensely rewarding experience taught me the value of perseverance and unwavering dedication.


Welcome to the present day.

Every day, we receive numerous messages, comments, and feedback on various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and within our gym community.

These interactions have shed light on the challenges faced by men in this age group:

1. Neglecting personal fitness because of a successful business (and family) life

2. Old injuries that make training difficult.

3. Painful joints that affect well-being.

4. Stubborn belly fat, causing the old wardrobe not to fit anymore.

5. The thought of wanting to go under the knife.

6. Growing health concerns that require attention.

7. A sedentary lifestyle contributing to overweight.

8. Unsuccessful self-attempts to take control of weight loss and fitness.

While kettlebell training cannot solve every issue on this list, it excels at addressing many of them.

Chances are, you’ve arrived on this page because you recognize the potential benefits.

And that’s fantastic!

The solution is right in front of you, friend!

Let me share with you the “Kettlebell Code”… specifically tailored for beginners and men over 40.

As we age, the inclination to move and train tends to diminish, while indulging in food becomes more enticing, leading to long-term, negative consequences for our bodies.

This lifestyle, experienced by millions, perpetuates the myth that life after 40 is a continuous decline.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

So if you don’t buy into the notion that life is over at 40; I’ve got your back.

Enter the kettlebell – a powerful and versatile tool that enhances human performance.

It boosts strength, cardiovascular endurance, and remains gentle on joints, making it perfect for those with prior injuries.

Moreover, the kettlebell effectively combats back pain and restores natural body elasticity.

This FREE guide is designed to introduce you to the incredible benefits of kettlebell training.

By embracing it, you’ll unlock your physical and mental well-being, enhance longevity, and elevate your overall quality of life.

Learn to..

1. Hone your kettlebell skills.

2. Develop functional muscle.

3. Enhance your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your heart.

4. Build strength.

5. Relieve back and joint pain.

6. Recover and bounce back stronger, even from severe injuries.

7. Save time with efficient workouts.

8. Accelerate fat loss.

9. Boost overall kettlebell confidence.

10. Achieve peak mental and physical condition.

Does this sound fair enough?

If so, I would be thrilled to invite you to download our “Kettlebell Code” E-Book – for FREE!


As protégés of kettlebell legend and IKFF President, Steve Cotter, Gregory & Angie quickly took the world of kettlebells by storm.

Their successful personal training studio in Romanshorn, Switzerland, has now become a central hub for kettlebell enthusiasts from around the world.

Thanks to the global network of experts, athletes, trainers, and living legends, Lebe Stark is now internationally recognized, especially when it comes to the Russian kettlebell that covers the most important physical qualities in just one workout.

Forged in the fire of working with real people in real life (most of them being 45 and older…), LS puts their knowledge into practice on a daily basis, achieving groundbreaking results.

Nobody over 40 wants to spend hours in a packed gym; sleepwalking like a Zombie from one machine to the other!

This brand-new, free E-Book shows you exactly how you can take control of your fitness, longevity, vanity and health – with only one 30-minute kettlebell workout per week in the next 30 days: 


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