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I Tried The „TOP GUN“ Bodyweight Workout – Here’s What Happened!

Written by Gregory Dzemaili

15. June 2022

This bodyweight workout protocol has supposedly been done by Miles Teller who starred in the recent Top Gun movie. It consists out of 6 exercises.

Warmup Run: 800 meters*

Flutter Kick: 40 reps 

Bench Dip: 20 reps 

Bodyweight Squat: 20 reps 

Elevated Push Up: 25 reps 

Alt. Reverse Lunge: 25 reps

Rounds: 2

*We’ve substituted the run with 2 minutes kettlebell swing

Here’s what I liked

I generally like the protocol! Flutter Kicks cover your abdominals, Dips cover arms, Squats are for your legs, Elevated Push Ups train your chest and reverse lunges again, cover your lower body.

The exercise selection is in great order giving your body enough time to recover in between exercises. 

Here’s what I didn’t like.

Number 1 –  The 800 meter run can be too much for a warm up. That is why I’ve substituted it with a 2 minute kettlebell swing.

Number 2 – The number of reps can get you easily confused. I would have preferred using the same amount of reps for all exercises. 20 reps for example would fit great for all exercises. 

Number 3 – I’m preferring the minimalist approach with 2-3 exercises. This is one of the hallmarks of kettlebell training, where you don’t need 10+ exercises to cover the whole body. My iPhone kept getting dark and I had to unlock it a couple of times to see the exercises. With less exercises, you can keep save battery life and brain power. 

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